Fagan-Bird interiors has over 20 years of international Interior Design experience. Our approach individual, stimulating, cost conscious with a comfort factor. Here is a selection of our before and after interior photographs of homes we have created in Cheshire, Manchester and Birmingham. 

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Alison Fagan-Bird designed the interior with specification and products for a bar, to the styling within 14days.

Recycled Wardrobe 



Choosing furniture for a bedroom can be difficult given the abundance of choice. Storage is essential to any bedroom especially for ladies, but a staggeringly striking one as this recycled wardrobe with its multi coloured sectioned which correspond and link in with the room, not only gives the room something special but at no cost to the environment. Carbon footprint zero. We designed the room, wardrobe and the environmental carpenter was local and again one happy customer.


Skate boards influenced Interior in Cheshire. It is as important for a skateboarder to see the ceiling as well as the walls? With this in mind; using famous skateboarders names and logos along with the boys names, we designed stencils and used car spray to create this striking hand-painted wallpaper/ wall and ceiling feature using the union jack. By introducing a compact sofa-bed with pull-out features and a 2mtr mirror, creates space in a trendy combined bed- lounge that every teenager dreams off.

This extravagant classic Cheshire interior  with a modern feel uses the French Louis XlV for inspiration. For the wall feature I used Brian Yates with their special crystal classic effect on a metallic paper, emulsion as a light tone of ochre. For the furniture I purchased the perfect French bed and to give balance within the room I introduced the bronze metallic lamps either side of the bed. The enormous gold mirror 2.25mtr x 1.45(W), console and the chandelier gives the room the most glamorous feel. For the curtains I choose Sahco's metallic rich bronze range as a feature band with crystals beads to outline either side of the window and finished the window treatment with an amazing large crystal tieback. 

Contemporary Lounge and conservatory on a budget

Comments are from a customer: "Our lounge has been transformed from tatty eighties style into a current, de-cluttered contemporary  living space.  I honestly feel that I am living in a room I could only imagine in a magazine. Sounds silly, but my mood feels lighter, and the whole family enjoys being in our new lounge and conservatory. The added bonus is that Tom my husband also loves it!!  He is delighted, and now Alison is starting work on a bedroom". Judith Jobling  

Holistic Interior



Holistic Interior in Cheshire 'Bringing the outside in'

An Interior designer can give customers so much satisfaction, relaxation and an home they could only dream about. Here my customer wanted an Holistic restful but open space with special furniture, sculptures and accessories individually created to suite their space. We designed and had custom made (4.5mtr sideboard /storage unit) stunning piece of furniture that sits like a horizontal log. The sculpture  commissioned, created a focal piece and helped bring hormony and balance to the room. It is so paramount for any interior both large or small to have individuality. 


Holistic Fusion in Cheshire for the dining and office area is seen here above and below. Italian and Dutch Furniture made to order

Holistic office Interior With space being a prime issue. This area had to be functional, yet be used as a little hide away for relaxation. What better inspiration for relaxing than the seaside which over looks a zen garden. Vaneered artwork Mondian inspired by  by Len Newton, FBI cushions and Italian furniture. Office shelving custom built by Len Newton as seen above. 

Skate boards influenced Interior in Cheshire. It is as important for a skateboarder to see the ceiling as well as the walls! With this in mind; using famous skateboarders names and logos along with the boys names, we designed stencils and used car spray to create this striking hand-painted wallpaper/ wall and ceiling feature using the union jack. By introducing a compact sofa-bed with pull-out features and a 2mtr mirror, making the room into a trendy combined bed- lounge that every teenager dreams off.


Girls bedroom Interior based in Cheshire.This space started life with bare white walls, no window treatments and a bed on the floor. A girl of 15 years likes to be trendy and wants to make frequent changes to her bedroom. With this in mind we designed the interior of her bedroom with the power of trendy NoNo flock heart wallpaper on one feature wall,  matt pale silver grey on all the walls with gloss in grey to aline the sides of the bed for contrast and interest. Changes to window treatment and duvet can change with the seasons or trends. This could be; green, red, yellow, orange, blue and lilac giving her totally flexibility. 


Dark , Mysterious, sexy and masculine Interior based in Cheshire  


 Dark sexy bedroom and shower interior

It is not everyones choice to have bright and light rooms. Dark rooms with the correct lighting can be intimate, evoke privacy and be extremely sexy and comfortable. To create this wonderful sexy clutter free bedroom interior in Cheshire, we ripped out everything from this space and started with a sophisticated lighting system both ambient and working light ,with a circuit to highlight the commissioned soft oil painting that hangs over the bed. Both lampshades either side of the bed custom covered in the same Sahco fabric as the curtain. Curtains and blinds are recommended to have blackout lined for a restful sleep. The contemporary mirror cubes bring light and reflex around the room. To the right of this image you can you see wardrobes, each section of glass hand sprayed with metallic speckle, bevelled with horizontal edges that fits within a German smooth chrome fitting. Ever wanted a bed just like a black Mercedes? Well here it is in black lacquer, from a French top furniture house. The en suite shower room has a special remote control devise to run the water that can be used anywhere within the house. Then no-one has to experience a cold start to the day!  

Interior Birmingham Holistic home Bed 1

 Before After


The beauty of nature into this Bedroom interior (as seen above) Connecting nature in colour and imagery gave a bold yet tranquility to this interior in Birmingham. We wanted to hide the on-suite bathroom, but incorporate more hanging space trying to create wardrobes doors as windows, Alison's imagery on the doors and a twist for nature on the fabric runner. Yang and Ying Canvas also by Alison Fagan-Bird.



Interior on Lounge in Birmingham -Brief was to transform and update, incorporate & fuse worldly Eastern elements with western living. Starting point was a 6ft Terracotta Warrior!  

 After - Lighting throughout the whole house was crucial to creating the atmosphere and mystery of the East. Alison collected Asian artefacts including: millions of year old agates, Thai cart wheels and Buddhas, ripple rugs, Thai pattered silk curtains with banners in Sahco hesslain fabrics in warm yellows like the sun, crystal wallpapers from Marburg and hard wood mythology relief from China.

Interior on Entrance hall After

Entrance Halls should be welcoming Entrances can sometimes disappoint the grand entrance, but not here in Birmingham.  With the toilet being the The first thing you saw on entering the house, Alison decided to hide the door to the bathroom behind a slatted Japanese mirrored wall, giving light, space and impact. A bold Nono stripped wallpaper that connects the entire colour palette for the house. Asia and the new world was a dramatic influence, and for this customer there was no better imagery than the Mauri New Zealand Hackers back lit in the hall on arrival, and a 9ft haunting ceremonial mural awakening on the landing!

Interior landing                                                   Before                                                       After


Master bathroom         Before                                              After 


Holistic Bathroom 


Bedroom2                               Before                                                                  After



Playing exotic purple, slates crystal Brian Yates wallpaper with black accents using tactile buttoned lampshade (from Habitat) on plain but stylish stand (Fagan-Bird's shop) and black leather cushions. The key interest to this room is the grey stone friezes give impact but remain calm. The reliefs I painted to co-odinate with the main wall to make it the focal point. The tactile lampshades made of buttons and the suede embrodered black cushions add tactility on to the bedroom.


Birminham Holistic Bedroom 3 - After


Before After 

It is so important to bring the customer special possession into any iinterior, like the set of travel photographs hung around this home,Alison was given 600 photographs out of which she used 10 and planned each room round the colours. This room acted as a study but needed the holistic feeling with grass headboard feature wallpaper and F-B.Int cushion, part of the natural twists range, with a miniature arrangement of Terra-cotta Warriors and a Buddha finished the whole look in style.


Interior-Formal Drawing Room in Heaton Moor, Cheshire




My customer wanted something rich, classic and exquisite for this beautiful formal drawing room. What better than Zoffany's gold classic wallpaper on all four walls, gives the room space and elegance and goes perfectly with the French classic gold and pink/red furniture. To exaggerate the height I recommended the paper past the picture rail. Prestigious fabric for the curtains was reversible so we played with both sides for different rooms on the lower level of the house and exquisite lovely tie backs in both colours. The radiator was made to order and painted in a ochre that blends nicely with the room.

The Interior of a Lodge in Cheshire Lounge.                    

 The Interior of a Lodge in Cheshire Lounge.
The brief was contemporary with style and a playful element was introduced by wicker balls for extra seating. (can be purchased from our shop) Using all the colours throughout the house Alison Fagan-Bird Painted a3mtrs x .5mtr x 1 mtr high contemporary paintingto fit the size of the room, matching silk curtains from Hong Kong and introduced funky ceramics.  

Lodge in Cheshire Kitchen. 

Cutting edge kitchen with inter-changeable Perspex around Bisque Radiator and German light boxes


Lodge in Cheshire -Interior of The Master Bedroom.


Here the brief was to custom build and design a spectacular headboard that splits the large room into a dressing area. It is large strips of woven chocolate leather and tan suede with lights project through onto both areas. The dressing side has sexy chunky chrome chains supporting a large mirror. The bedroom side has my hand painted leather cushions picking up on the metallic look of the Natalie Marshall wallcovering.

The grand entrance in Cheshire hall I handpainted in bronze, ruby red and gold project a royal feel.



Master Bathroom Cheshire 

Limestone walls and floor curved shower with a special radiator makes for spactacular master bathroom








An old mill in Manchester renovated into a luxury apartment









This fabulous space with tall ceilings shouted out for family kitchen with function and striking design features.

Mixing symmetry and circles I introduced cherry doors as the strong rectangular shape. The cream semicircular units give a sexy organic contrast to achieve the dramatic sophisticated finish necessary for customer approval.


A terrace house in Manchester owned by a marketing executive


The brief was "bright and cheerful making the most of the hall space". I introduced a colourful vinyl mural on the wall and door with matching chandeliers. My canvases changed colour from yellow to orange thren to blue upward through the house.


Japanese Bathroom Cheadle Cheshire






BBC presenter's bathroom





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